Location: Tel Aviv – Year of completion: 2015

The Rothschild Hotel was designed as a tribute to Baron Edmond de Rothschild’s Zionist vision and life’s work. The hotel is housed in a historic and eclectic building. It is a creative and experiential interpretation of the Baron’s vision, character and work, a new and original Israeli design that provides a sense of relaxation and understated luxury. An array of all-natural materials was especially selected for this challenge, using materials from pre-synthetic times: black iron was taken from the gates of Parisian homes, with doorknobs, knockers and bells made from yellow brass, a selection of furniture exclusively designed from iron and brass: small cabinets, night tables, mirror frames, headboard rods and more.

All materials were selected meticulously, including stone, leather, wool, wood, cotton, and paper, which all contribute to the fusion of cultural experiences without masquerading as period design.