David Tower

Location: Netanya – Year of completion: 2017

The Tower of David Hotel was designed as a tribute to the tower built by Daoud Pasha, the Turkish sultan who ruled during the Ottoman period, who constructed a magnificent palace on the Mediterranean for his young fiancée. The Sultan’s great passion for his fiancée and his love of the sea served as inspirations for the design of the hotel, which combines the charm of mixed cultures, fantasy and reality, and is a tranquil escape from daily life. The hotel is designed in an elegant, upscale and luxurious style, featuring a meticulous European classic chic on the Mediterranean shore of Netanya. The royal atmosphere and splendor are interwoven with all the decorative elements, juxtaposing East and West to create a language of refinement and finesse on the one hand and boldness on the other, in keeping with the legendary story. The result is a personalized experience of hospitality at the highest level of comfort, indulgence and quality.